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Joel Roston Composer | Instrumentalist
Call us toll free: (347) 687-4270


MLIn addition to private lessons, Joel leads group events and discussions centered around helping people listen to and talk about music more effectively.

In his capacity as a composer for media, Joel has guest-lectured to film/production students on subjects ranging from film-scoring to strategies for communicating with a composer.

As an ensemble composer and instrumentalist he has led workshops and discussions at various universities and community production spaces centered around how to effectively listen to and talk about music.

Workshop/lecture attendees have included:

  • Filmmakers struggling to communicate with composers
  • Producers and project managers looking to better explain or justify music choices to their clients
  • Overwhelmed podcasters who find themselves sifting through thousands of library tracks in an attempt to score their latest episode
  • Film students who are new to combining music with visual media
  • Non-production-world music-enthusiasts looking to improve their listening skills

Workshop content and length can be tailored to any audience or occasion.

For questions or to set up a talk, head over to the contact page!