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Joel Roston Composer | Instrumentalist
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Communing Strata
piano and viola (for RAHA Duo (aka Elaine Rombola Aveni and Amelia Hollander Ames))

All the Wingless Angels
solo electric guitar

You Will Never See Another Silver Fox
flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, violin, cello, and double bass (for Boston Nonet)

  • I
  • II
  • III
  • IV

Spectral Lines
classical guitar duet (for Duo Orfeo)

Before and After the Dam
2 trumpets, trombone, French horn, tuba (for Brooklyn Brass)

  • I
  • II
  • III

violin, viola, bassoon, piano (for Till By Turning)

Toad and Steno
French horn, viola

flute, oboe, two violins, viola, cello

  • I
  • II

4 Richard Brautigan Poems
soprano, flute, clarinet

  • Crab Cigar
  • Man
  • Widow’s Lament
  • Xerox Candy Bar

Steel Cables
20-25 piece mandolin orchestra

Five Pieces
solo classical guitar

  • The Leavitt-Riedler Pumping Engine
  • The Hole in a Coil
  • Joel
  • Maple Seeds
  • Shake Rag

Five Notes for Piano
solo piano

Five Notes for Small Ensemble
2 flutes, snare drum, piano