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Two New EPs

19 Jul 2016

Today, I’m releasing two companion-EPs into the world.

All the Wingless Angels

We Are Meaning-Making Machines









I began writing All the Wingless Angels (Narrative Riff-splosion for Electric Guitar and Voice) in December of 2014 in Austin, TX and completed it in Boston, MA in early 2015. My intention was to compose a rigidly-structured solo piece that allows for a degree of non-rigidity in performance.

The pieces that make up We Are Meaning-Making Machines (Five New Pieces for Solo Guitar)* were all written over a period of two or three months in 2010. I had considered recording them on many different occasions over the years, but the timing never felt right. After I finished writing All the Wingless Angels, I immediately saw a connection to these pieces.

Essentially, these EPs are two snapshots of the same composer using the same personal, musical language on the same instrument, but with two very different outcomes.

You can check out both EPs over at my bandcamp page.

*The phrase “We are meaning-making machines” is a quote taken directly from my favorite philosopher, wife, and best friend, Jordyn Bonds.

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