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Squatters’ Rites

05 Jun 2017

So, my pal/Fright Friend, comic artist and homeowner Liz Prince, made the trip to Boston from the snowy hinterlands of Portland, Maine a few weeks ago and landed in my living room for a hang/screening of Gremlins. Post-film, we got to talking about what’s been going on life-wise and she relayed, in typical Liz Prince fashion, an episode that took place between her and her aggressive-music-enthusiast husband, Kyle (also a pal).

As the story goes, at bedtime one evening, despite having just finished the laundry and with clean bedding in view, Kyle went directly to sleep on a pillowcase-less pillow.

The incident so offended LP that she wrote a one-line joke-song about it and taunted Kyle with it on a daily basis. The song accused him of living his life “…kind of like a squatter even though you own a house.” She off-handedly mentioned that it was starting to annoy him, which was all of the motivation I needed to offer to spin it into a real, live song for her. It turned out that their wedding anniversary was coming up, which would be the perfect occasion to present the collaboration to the man himself.

Once the plan was hatched, I set up a microphone and recorded Liz singing her special song, which, in its elemental form, sounded like this:

That became verse one — we went one more time through for verse two:

When I asked her for some sort of classic Liz Prince exclamation, she, not surprisingly, came up with an enthusiastic shout-out to the favorite of her two cats:

After asking if there was anything else she’d like to add, she made it clear that it was just the one message that she was after, punctuating things with a solid:

I wove everything into a jam that I think balances Liz Prince’s commitment to pop-punk with Kyle’s love of metal:

What the track loses from me being too lazy to remove microphone bumps with iZotope’s RX6, it gains from Kurt Ballou‘s awesome new drum library from Room Sound!

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