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NPR and, Tangentially, Prince

30 May 2014

A while back, I received a call to improvise a “Heartbreaker“-meets-“When-Doves-Cry” guitar solo for a PSA that the city of Boston was doing to promote safety on the T. As is often the case with these sorts of projects, though the production department loved it, whoever had the final say thought that it was too over the top, so they left it out (apparently, there’s a remix that includes my contribution). That left me with a free guitar solo to use for something else.

So, flash-forward to this morning. I was in my kitchen drinking some tea and listening to NPR when I heard this story. If you don’t feel like clicking the link, you can listen to it here:


What caught my attention — perhaps you noticed it — was the weird little chant that the speaker intones at around 1:06. He says, “Wouldn’t a, uh…” Here, I’ve isolated it for you:


Because it’s so chant-y, and because it’s Friday, I made it into a thing. It was sort of sparse and not going anywhere, so I tried dropping the afore mentioned guitar solo over it and I think it kind of works!

Check it:

NPR Chant

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