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Nice, But Bummy

02 May 2014

I received a call from a film-composer friend a few weeks ago asking if I could record a classical guitar version of Chopin’s Étude Op. 10, No. 3.* Not having enough time to arrange it myself, I called my local sheet music store to see if they had anything laying around. What they found was Laurence Ferrara’s Student Repertoire Series (For Guitar) Volume 2. The last piece included in the collection is a perfectly functional and elegant translation of the original.

In some downtime, after the project, I casually read through some of the book’s other pieces and found a super nice, but bummy arrangement of Scarborough Fair which I’ve been playing so non-stop-ly that I thought I’d record it:


I ended up writing to Mr. Ferrara to explain the situation and tell him how helpful I found the book. He wrote a nice note back thanking me — super cool dude.

NOTE: I hollowed out the last chord to maximize bumminess.

*More on this project later.

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