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Next Music Literacy Workshop

01 Nov 2020


On November 28th, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm (EST), I will, once again, be leading my workshop, Music Literacy for Content Creators.

This is a class/discussion which is designed to help non-musicians–or people who don’t feel super confident talking about music–become more effective music listeners and communicators.

The workshop is in three parts:

Part I: We break a piece of music down into its constituent elements and talk about how those elements function, both alone and together, we discuss music-communication pitfalls, and we, ultimately/hopefully, come up with some practical, jargon-free strategies for naming what we’re hearing when we listen to music.

Part II: We talk about the business of music (licensing, works-for-hire, how publishing works, communicating with composers, authoring agreements, etc.)

Part III: We listen to a range of music–from extra-familiar to deeply complex–and talk about it all using the concepts we discussed in Part I.

If anyone has any questions, please get in touch via the ol’ Contact page!

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