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New Workshop Alert!

12 Mar 2021

It’s slowly becoming clear to me that a significant part of my “whole thing” is my apparent compulsion to help people who don’t feel super confident/comfortable talking about music feel more confident/comfortable talking about music.

To that end, every few months, I’ve been leading my four-hour-long, online workshop, Music Literacy for Content Creators, the intention of which is to help media producers, film directors, and, really, anyone who feels at sea working with or talking about music, develop a personal, but practical, jargon-free language for communicating with composers and colleagues.

While putting together a non-technical-sounding explanation/tour of the, like, “elements” of music was a super fun challenge, for the past few months, I’ve been thinking about assembling a talk which discusses the fundamental architecture of Western, tonal harmony in an utterly music-notation-less way.

To that end, I’m happy to present my new online workshop, Practical Music Theory for Curious Minds.

Unlike Music Literacy for Content Creators, this joint is going to be, like, utterly jargon-ful–just jam-packed with the concepts and vocabulary of music theory. We’ll start off with, “Here’s what a piano keyboard looks like, how it’s organized, and why it’s organized that way,” and end somewhere around, “…and that’s why, while the ‘C’ in the upper voice appears to be a non-chord tone being played over an Eâ™­-minor triad, it’s actually the root of a first-inversion, half-diminished seventh chord.”

While the workshop is open to anyone, the sort of people I had in mind when developing it were:

– Professional composers who never really learned a ton of theory, but always meant to

– Heretofore non-composers who have thought about trying to write their own music for their podcast or show

– Non-musicians with podcasts or shows about music who might be looking for a different perspective

– Amateur or former instrumentalists/music enthusiasts who are looking for a brush-up

– People who are, in general, excited by robust, elegant, and economical systems

Also unlike Music Literacy for Content Creators, this workshop is free.

Interested nerdz can register over on Eventbrite (limit: 20 people).

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