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New Pieces Debuting on the 18th

03 Jan 2013

Four Richard Brautigan Poems, a set of poems I arranged for flute, clarinet, and voice, will debut on January 18th as part of the Advent Library Concert Series.

8 – 10pm:

The program, running from 8 – 10pm, is:

Whisper Solos (2011): solo interpretations by Rebecca, Todd, and Matt
Suite for Flute Alone (1930), Wallingford Riegger
Four Richard Brautigan Poems (2010) Joel Roston
Land Meeting Sky (1987) Edie Hill
Steep Steps for solo bass clarinet (2001) Elliot Carter
Mercury, Angels on Strings, & Jupiter (2011)
Jerry Sabatini
Canal (2010) Matt Samolis
Examinate Variations -premiere- (2012) Pamela Marshall

More info here and here.

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