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Music Literacy Workshop

05 Aug 2020


On August 29th from 1-5pm (EST), I’ll, once again, be leading/teaching/hosting my workshop, Music Literacy for Content Creators.

I keep trying to find new, better, more entertaining ways to say it, but nothing my beats my first attempt:

The class takes a deep dive into the constituent elements of music (with a ton of listening and discussion), demystifies the business side of music/licensing, and, hopefully, provides some real-world language and strategies to help people communicate their musical ideas more effectively.

I guess an addendum might be: Potentially the only place you’ll hear the music of Ruth Crawford Seeger, A Tribe Called Quest, and Hossein Hamidi within, like, fifteen minutes of each other.

If you have any questions, please get in touch over on the ol’ Contact page!

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