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Music Built Around Accidentally Mis-Analyzing O.M.D.’s “If You Leave”

12 Sep 2012

I was sorting through the ol’ hard drive(s) today and happened upon some music that I wrote for a project a couple of years ago which, sadly, never saw the light of day.

I don’t remember much about writing this other than thinking that I wanted the quiet, chuggy guitar to sound just like the quiet, chuggy guitar in O.M.D.’s “If You Leave“. The interesting thing there being that I gave “If You Leave” a listen this morning for the first time in a while and it doesn’t appear to have any guitar — or, if it does, it’s not doing what I thought it was doing. I guess we can file that under: How the Creative Process Works [sometimes].

As with many of the fun musical adventures I’ve embarked upon in recent history, I was joined by Noell Dorsey, who was kind enough to stop by for an hour of light “Bop-bop-bop”s.

[audio:|titles=Fort Calm]

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