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Death of a Mug

12 Dec 2012

Years ago, I was gifted a very special mug from my pal and at-the-time bandmate, David Altman. He knew that I had been looking for a very large mug (for reasons that are too boring to get into here) and informed me, via whatever 2004-ish chat-consolidation software I was using at the time, that he owned a mug that he never used which might fit the bill. He described it as [something like] “medieval, but not a chalice.”

This was the mug:

The mug

Rear view











The mug came to be called The Sutter for this reason:

Sutter, 2002

The sutter was truly immense, measuring in at just about twenty-six fluid ounces.

The Sutter, shown here, was nearly the size of a guitar.

I’ve been Sutter-less for a couple of weeks now and casually shopping around for a new special mug. While nothing I’ve seen has completely annihilated me, a certain associate of mine (who may or may not be my best friend in the entire world) happened upon this dealie, which she suggested as a possible “interim mug” while I take the time to find a new, authentically special mug.

This is the interim mug:

Interim mug

Like The Sutter, it holds twenty-six fluid ounces, however it’s roughly twice as heavy.

We’ll see how it goes.

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