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Beyond Assonance: Rhyme Attempts in Popular Music 1

16 Jul 2014

Below are five of my favorite rhyme attempts in popular music. I did my best to list instances that give me the impression that the artist is sincerely and unambiguously attempting to make two words rhyme.

For instance, I didn’t include Danzig’s “Not of this World” because I get the feeling he’s truly just pairing “alive” with “lies” due to their matching vowel sounds. You be the judge.

But, so, may I present to you:

Some of My Favorite Rhyme Attempts in Popular Music (Note: Some of these songs contain, like, adult language/themes)

Song: Mind Games
Artist: John Lennon
Attempt: Sure/Grow (Go)

Song: F— Tha Police
Artist: N.W.A.
Attempt: Product/Narcotics

Song: She Don’t Use Jelly
Artist: The Flaming Lips
Attempt: Store/Orange

Song: Among the Living
Artist: Anthrax
Attempt: Murder/Order

Song: On the Road to Find Out
Artist: Cat Stevens
Attempt: Suit ya/Future

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