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A Window

27 May 2013

I don’t offer this data with any judgements because I’m not even sure how to analyze it or what it means — I just found it interesting in a spirit-of-thougtful-observation sort of way:

I was riding a packed train (BU line) home last night* at, like, 11pm and found myself crammed in next to three [I’d say] twenty-or-so-year-olds discussing their fantasy Coachella line-ups. The guy I would call “the ringleader” enthusiastically offered these bands (not in order):

1. Imaginary Dragons
2. Steve Miller Band
3. Daft Punk
4. Kings of Leon
5. Frankie Valli

A note on item #5: His friends didn’t know who Frankie Valli was, so dude proceeded to sing them excerpts from these songs (in order):

1. “December, 1963 (Oh What a Night)
2. “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
3. “Sherry”

After each snippet, he’d look up to see if they recognized the tunes, which they didn’t. The conversation ended with the ringleader sort of dejectedly saying, “He can’t really nail the high notes as well as he used to — he’s, like, eighty-four. I go out to see him whenever he comes around, though.”


*I didn’t have my bicycle; it was one of the biggest transportation-al bummers I’ve experienced so far this year.

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